Hello everyone!

So, today I decided once again to try this blogging thing.

See, I’m hoping to make more space in my life to create things.  It makes me happy.  But not just any things.  I like making things out of material I or someone else already has.  Sure, I’m cheap.  But I also don’t want to create more of a demand for production, when the things I need are already out there!

I always thought I wasn’t creative, because my drawings were pretty bad.  I was brilliant at the stick figure sitting alone on a deserted island…and that’s where the skill ends.  But I’m realizing that I just like to create things, and that I don’t have to be a drawer to do it!

I also want to get to the point where I see something I like, and I say to myself, “I can make that.”  And mean it.  And I want any future children I have to grow up with that mentality too- we don’t have to buy it all.  We can make it ourselves using the material we want.

And now here we are: my personal accountability blog to actually do what I say I enjoy, and also an opportunity to share with you my creations.

On here, I hope to post:

1.  Craft projects- knitting, gifts, and my attempts at trying out new skills

2.  Food we make- we’re working to eat healthier (and I’m trying to eliminate food that makes me sick).  So most of the recipes here will not include: Soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, or sugar.  What’s left?  Well, that’s a brilliant question, my friend!

3.  Other creative endeavors as I see fit- Music I’ve arranged, a dance I choreographed, or other interesting things.

So, I hope you enjoy my creative outlet!  And PLEASE- give feedback, tell me what you want more of, what’s just plain uninteresting or feels like I’m just showing off what I can do…if you’re going to read it, you should have a say in what goes on it!

Happy reading!